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fifi Gets Write-up in Penthouse Magazine

LOS ANGELES — fifi, the sex toy for men, received a plug in the September issue of Penthouse magazine.

Author Chris Nieratko, in a piece titled “Are You Lonely Tonight?” gave a nine-out-of-10 rating of the single-use, sanitary disposable sleeves that take away the need to clean up after use.

The Penthouse piece, which also reviews a number of other pleasure products as well, called the fifi “fancy.”

“It’s made of soft pillow material, has a foam inside that heats up as you get cooing and uses disposable condom-like sleeves for no-mess cleanup,” Nieratko wrote.

Fifi launched in summer 2015, offering for the first time a disposable option for a no-mess cleanup. Its discreet design, unlike most male sex toys on the market, can easily be mistaken for a cushion or other household item.

The maker of fifi, Whizworx, has been selling online for more than a year at and recently teamed up with ECN and Pink Cherry for U.S. and Canadian distribution, among others.

Whizworx now offers a fifi Sleeve Club for Men. The club offers consumers a choice of three packages including 10, 20 or 30 fifi disposable sleeves that ship directly to the consumer monthly.

David Bramo, CEO of Whizworx, said he was “very excited to see the product being featured in a long-established magazine like Penthouse.”

“It’s hard to get a single product out and gain interest around it,” Bramo said. “This article confirms that we’ve captured the imagination of people within the industry.

“This past year we’ve seen great interest online through our website, We’ve also partnered with ECN, Eropartner, Pink Cherry, NTN Australia, Tokyo Trading (Korea) and fifi Japan for wholesale distribution,” he said.

“Webmasters can also sign up for our affiliate program and earn $15 per sale/per customer at”

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Rock On Adds New Passion, Metal Rock Bottles

LOS ANGELES — The sexual enhancement brand Rock On has announced the addition of a 30-count supply option for Passion Pills for Her and Metal Rock Pills for him.

“The sexual vitality-boosting pills from the trusted Rock On brand have gained popularity in adult stores in a single-dose hang-tab option with consumers demanding a larger supply,” a spokesperson for Rock On Products said. “Rock On has responded with the introduction of a new 30-count bottle that is designed to provide that libido boost and increased stimulation as the need arises.”

Featuring a new look and formula as well as new retailing options, Rock On has reintroduced the female enhancement supplement Rock On Passion Pills for Her as an accompaniment to Metal Rock Pills for Him.

“The Rock On line has always been known as a cohesive couples line for upscale adult stores offering premium packaging, presentation and most importantly, a line that couples can feel comfortable buying together,” said Rock’n Products President Keith Caggiano. “Rock On Passion features a look and feel that a female consumer can feel comfortable buying either by herself or with her man.”

Rock On Passion Sexual Enhancement for Her, a spokesperson said, “features a specially formulated natural blend to help put her in a sexual state of mind.”

For more information on Rock On, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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CalExotics Institute Offers Course on Inspire Line

LOS ANGELES — CalExotics has announced the latest offering in its series of online courses through its CalExotics Institute initiative, with an in-depth look at the popular Inspire sexual health and wellness collection, focusing on product details, tips, merchandising and more.

According to CalExotics’ CEO Susan Colvin, this class gives industry professionals the tools to inspire their customers with unique products and a unique message.

“Our in-depth education gives associates the information that they need in order to convert people into purchasers,” Colvin says. “Our aim is to educate industry professionals on the collection as a whole, and how it [helps] people around the world in more ways than one.”

Colvin says that Inspire is a collection of thoughtfully designed products aimed at improving the lives of women on their journey for heightened sexual experiences, with some of the proceeds benefiting Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), a nonprofit dedicated to connecting those affected by breast cancer with trusted information and a community of support.

The product line contains unique products such as a breast massager and several other devices that assist in a healthy sexual lifestyle.

CalExotics is offering a special promotion for the month of August where participants can win a free Inspire product for their participation in a CalExotics Institute course.

“Our aim is to keep people engaged in CalExotics Institute,” CalExotics’ EVP Jackie White says, “because it offers the information that retailers need in order to convert buyers.”

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Screaming O Appears on ‘Johnny Dare Morning Show’

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O was a guest star on the “Johnny Dare Morning Show” last week to showcase several sex toys.

Chatting live on one of 98.9 The Rock’s most prominent programs, Screaming O Account Representative Conde Aumann schooled Johnny Dam on the ins and outs of some of the company’s best-selling products, including the Spork multi-use pleasure tool, the OBOB massager, the Vooom Bullet, and the SlingO cock ring sling.

Aumann explained the various ways the Spork can be enjoyed by couples. Dam said he appreciated the Spork because of its flexible forked end that can fit around the penis without the sensation of a cock ring — something of which Dam is not fan.

“This is a great idea; it’s really quite popular,” Dam said on the air. “I didn’t know that ball buzzing was a thing but apparently it’s quite nice.”

Dam and his co-hosts perused as Aumann described the beginner-friendly and welcoming nature of Screaming O mini vibes and sex toys, and Dam mentioned that unlike Screaming O products, many adult toys can be graphic or “veiny,” which can put some shoppers off. And when Aumann described new rumbling Vooom Bullets, Dam said he was impressed by its low-pitch, less-buzzy power.

“It’s like the Isaac Hays of bullets,” he said.

Dam and Aumann later discussed the design of the SlingO cock ring with built-in perineum massage and the whimsical OBOB Battery Operated Boyfriend massager.

“By the end of the segment, it seemed like Dam and his crew were impressed not only by our array of designs elements and options, but also by the cleverness of our product names,” Aumann said. “It’s always fun to be invited to discuss Screaming O and our fun, affordable and body-safe sex toys, especially with an awesome group of people like Dam, Jake the Phone Snake, and their radio team.”

To hear a recording of the live radio segment, click here.

To learn more about the Spork, Vooom Bullet and the rest of Screaming O’s lineup, email or visit

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Kheper Games Has Sperm Confetti, Offers New Scratch Tickets

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has announced the launch of two new items: Sperm Confetti and Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets.

Both items were pre-released at ANME and began shipping at the end of last week.

According to the company, Sperm Confetti is a 15 gram pack of white and translucent white sperm-shaped confetti, which as the packaging proclaims, is “A Whole Load of Fun!”

On the back of the header are listed several uses for this humorous product, including “Fling it at someone you love” or “Unload on your friends.”

The new Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets are the latest product in Kheper Games’ line of “red room” items and includes eight scratch tickets, each with a unique and kinky BDSM reward, where every ticket is a winner.

“We were thrilled at the great reaction both of these items received recently at the July ANME show,” explains Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “The Sperm Confetti was on every order and received laughs from just about everyone [while] our new scratch tickets were also a big hit as our other ‘red room’ games proved to be a great introduction for couples curious with the pop culture phenomenon around bondage and discipline.”

For more information, email or call (877) 426-3755.

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LELO HEX Condom Enters Final Week of Crowdfunding Campaign

LOS ANGELES — LELO has announced that after receiving support from more than 30,000 backers across the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and the website, its HEX condom campaign is entering its final week.

The success of the campaign is leading to LELO’s global launch of HEX condoms later this month, which gives prospective backers only five more days to save 30 percent on HEX condoms, while supporting the brand and its innovations.

According to LELO Trade Marketing Manager Zabrina Law, the Swedish designer brand created HEX over seven years of development, as it aimed to completely re-engineer the condom into something that is strong, thin, and simply pleasurable to use.

“Since first launching HEX on both Indiegogo and, nearly $1,000,000 has been raised by 30,000 backers, making it one of the most successful crowdfunding projects to be hosted on Indiegogo,” Law reveals. “That’s more than 600,000 condoms sold, which, rolled out end to end, would stretch out 120 km (75 miles) long!”

U.S.-based retailers can learn more about LELO products by emailing

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Blue Dreams Global to Showcase Signature Couples Toy at SHE NY

NEW YORK — Blue Dreams Global will be exhibiting The Lovers’ Dream, a couple’s sexual device designed to increase love-making pleasure, at the next edition of the highly anticipated consumer event, Sexual Health Expo, set for Sept. 24-25 in Brooklyn.

Company founder and designer Lawrence Mark says, “We expect our appearance at SHE will excite adult consumers in the U.S. about the healthy revolution the Lovers’ Dream can offer for every couple’s intimate play time.” According to Mark, “We are also going to be educating the public about the plans we have to make every couple happy, by explaining the simple concept that tighter and larger makes for healthier ‘loving’ relationships.” The company plans a variety of products designed to please and fit every couple’s “dream,” Mark says.

Set for Sept 24-25, SHE NY will feature the refreshing, dynamic format that has made it a resounding success nationwide. Anchored by engaging workshops presented by Sex Ed Sponsor Pleasure Chest, SHE will once again host the most sought-after sex experts and intimacy product showcases from leading manufacturers.

Tickets to the groundbreaking consumer event SHE NY are now available. Registration sponsor We-Vibe is sponsoring free admission to the first 2,000 attendees that register online.

Praised for its fresh approach by exhibitors, sex educators and consumers alike, SHE’s dynamic format has been touted by leading media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, CBS News,, The Guardian, Playboy and Bustle, among others.

Emily Morse, sex expert and host of iTunes’ top downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily, will once again serve as SHE’s official spokesperson.

Last year’s SHE NY drew more than 2,500 attendees over the course of two days centered around education and products for achieving a better sex life.

For more event information, visit or email

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SHE to Debut 1st-Ever Sexual Health-Focused Publication

LOS ANGELES — SHE magazine will make its debut this September as a groundbreaking sexual health-focused publication covering the latest information and progressive views on intimacy.

Published quarterly, SHE magazine will take a comprehensive look at the evolving realm of sexual wellness. From exclusive interviews with today’s thought leaders to the hottest intimacy tips, pleasure product reviews and more, SHE magazine’s mainstream approach champions sexual well-being.

SHE magazine will reflect the principles of the successful Sexual Health Expo. First held in Los Angeles in 2015, SHE has been held in New York and Phoenix, drawing thousands of attendees with an open, welcoming environment to immerse oneself in learning the benefits of a healthy sex life.

“The sexual wellness industry is expanding at a rapid pace thanks to the mainstreaming of sex education and pervasiveness of high-quality products,” Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez said. “Sexual Health Expo has played a pivotal role in facilitating access to essential information for a healthy sex life by educating and empowering them with a one-of-a-kind event. SHE magazine will build on its mission of furthering the reach of sex-positive education, along with the leading experts and wellness products that promote it.”

SHE magazine will cater to the same diverse audience that the event attracts, including subscribers of all genders and sexual orientations and industry professionals seeking information about trends in sexual wellness.

Each issue of SHE mag features leading experts offering thought-provoking opinions and advice through a series of well-informed op-eds and advice columns.  Additionally, SHE magazine’s exclusive cover story, accompanied by relevant product recommendations, will promote sexual wellness and improve intimacy through the exploration of trends and popular products. SHE magazine also will regularly feature product reviews on sex toys, lubes, accessories, and more, as well as a round-up of the latest news and developments in sexual wellness.

With physical and digital delivery available, SHE magazine will be distributed to all SHE attendees, past and present, as well as will be available to worldwide audience with complimentary access via digital editions. In addition, SHE magazine offers unmatched business-to-business distribution, reaching retailers, e-tailers and distributors of intimacy products, as well as licensed therapists, certified educators and home party organizers.

SHE magazine’s expansive B2B reach consists of 75 percent retail stores and e-tailers, 9 percent product therapists, 6 percent manufacturers, 4 percent educators, 3 percent distributors, 2 percent home parties and 1 percent miscellaneous.

SHE magazine will make its debut at the upcoming Sexual Health Expo NY, set for Sept. 24-25 in Brooklyn.

For more event information, email

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Williams Trading University Expands With 2 New Courses

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading University (WTU) has announced the addition of two new courses to its adult e-learning program.

WTU is a free program available exclusively to Williams Trading Co. clients, and are available 24/7 via a simple login account. WTU educates students about product benefits and features, and offers a seminar that explains the product’s importance to a customer, their needs and well-being.

This newest expansion brings the WTU catalog to 80 free online courses, with more than 40,000 completed course certifications across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The new courses cover the details of Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology and Pipedream Products’ Dual Density King Cock Plus.

The Womanizer is a new product that provides no-touch stimulation of the clitoris, with a soft silicone head that offers light suction with pulsating pleasure waves for a unique, intense experience.

The course teaches retailers about the difference in form and function of the Womanizer 100 and Womanizer Pro, and will learn how to explain this new technology to their customers.

The Dual Density King Cock Plus course educates retailers about the dildo, which is made of lifelike Fanta Flesh, with a firm, erect core on the inside and a soft, fleshy layer on the outside. The detailed textures of the skin provide realistic feelings, while the powerful suction cup base sticks to nearly any smooth, flat surface and ensures that each dildo is harness-compatible for strap-on fun. All King Cock products are made in the U.S., and are phthalate free, latex free, and body safe.

“We are thrilled to expand our retail education offering on WTU,” says Director of Sales and Marketing Scott D. “Our customers have consistently reported a lift in sales on the retail floor without a percentage off or gift with purchase. Retail education is the way to go!”

For more information, call (800) 423-8587.

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Satisfyer Set to Release 4 New Models This Autumn

LOS ANGELES — Satisfyer has announced its upcoming launch of four new models, which will be available before year’s end.

According to Satisfyer’s VP of Sales Jerome Bensimon, the new models offer more than mere design enhancements.

“They all have a substantial surprise that no one in the market is expecting,” Bensimon says. “We can let you in on one secret already: every customer group will love the new design and everyone will be able to afford a Satisfyer in the future.”

The products were developed with two of the most well-known and reputed product design companies in Europe.

“We selected the four best products  from each 12 drafts,” Bensimon adds, “which were the highest rated from test groups and  developed them further.”

Satisfyer’s Head of European Sales Sabine Schuchardt says that the time and money invested in the company’s design process is unique within the industry.

“Everyone who has held the new Satisfyer models in their hands and tested these products will confirm that this effort was worth every penny,” Schuchardt saus. “We can’t wait to present these innovations and technical surprises at eroFame.”

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