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Williams Trading Offering Pre-Holiday Sale

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading announced that five major adult novelty companies will be on sale at 30 percent off their full line for the entire month of October.

The sale includes Blush, Wet, Shibari, Classic Erotica and Kheper Games, and will end on Oct. 31 at 3 p.m. ET.

The company said Blush Novelties has grown since entering the industry and is known for  producing high quality products at affordable prices. There are 23 different product lines to choose from for men, women and couples. The Blush sale will be supported with a free tester program and Williams trading University (WTU) e-learning.

Wet personal lubricant manufacturer Trigg Laboratories since 1989 has produced products made in the U.S. that are latex friendly, harmless if ingested, and toy compatible (with the exception of silicone toys with the silicone formulas).

Also featured are the wand massagers from Shibari with flexible heads that target desired body areas.

Classic Erotica manufactures pheromone-infused romance products including lotions, oils, crèmes and lubricants that promise to entice even the timid plus enhance any “first time experiences”

Kheper Games, Inc.’s 150 products are sold in more than100 countries worldwide. Williams said games are important to adult retailers as “gateway” products for upselling and cross selling on the sales floor.

“With the upcoming busy selling season right around the corner, this is a great time for retailers to stock up for the holidays,” said Scott D., director of sales and marketing. “Examine inventory levels, inspect the store’s budget and reorder any impulse items and other top sellers to capitalize on the extra exposure.”

To learn more about these manufacturers and their products, visit

For product ordering and shipping information, call (800) 423-8587, or visit

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LELO Reveals New Aphrodisiac-Scented Massager

SAN JOSE, Calif. — LELO has revealed LILY 2, an aphrodisiac-scented sex toy.

They company says, “Why be limited to just color when choosing an intimate massager when you can also select it based on your favorite scent?”

LILY 2 comes in three different aromas: Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria and Bordeaux and Chocolat. These aromas were selected because their scents have aphrodisiac properties, the company says.

Regarding LELO’s choice in scents for LILY 2, the company says the smell of lavender increases blood flow to both the clitoris and penis; and chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac since Aztec times and contains small levels of tryptophan, a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal and also contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine that is released in the brain when people fall in love.

“Our goals with LILY 2 are to give customers a chance to stimulate multiple senses at once, enhancing the moment and mood,” said Steve Thomson, LELO’s director of marketing. The LILY 2 is not designed to alter the taste or smell of a woman, but rather offer a new and exciting way to tailor your own form of pleasure. The manufacturing process of LILY 2 ensures the fragrance does not come in contact with the body. Instead, it’s sealed within the product itself, bonded at the very start of the process. That way LILY 2 not only delivers powerful vibrations, but the fragrance enhances the ambience as a whole.”

Dr. Ian Kerner, sex therapist and NY Times best-selling author of “She Comes First” says, “Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell — sensual pathways are key to activating the arousal platform in women, and scent is a powerful, oft- neglected sense. Finally, LELO has designed a sex-toy that elegantly combines sensual stimulation with physical stimulation to create a powerful integrated orgasmic experience.”

Katy Red, a sex and relationships blogger, said, “It makes perfect sense to combine the visual elegance of LELO products and the effectiveness of their toys with three amazing scents that really do make your LELO experience as sensual and unforgettable as possible.”

LELO has also released NEA 2, the upgraded version of the classic now available in three colors with new floral motifs. Both LILY 2 and NEA 2 are available to order now via

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Eropartner Distribution Adds ‘Ooh by Je Joue’

THE NETHERLANDS — “Ooh by Je Joue,” a new pleasure products concept from British luxury brand Je Joue is now available from Eropartner Distribution.

“We are big fans of Je Joue and their latest collection, Ooh by Je Joue, looks incredible,”Elcke Wieffering, head of purchasing at Eropartner said.

He added, “It is truly a new approach to pleasure products. The rechargeable motor offers the consumers the opportunity to pick and mix from a variety of different forms and discover what works best for them. Also, the packaging is a true eye-catcher and will sure draw a lot of attention at our retail partner’s outlets.”

With the new pick and mix collection of Je Joue, Eropartner explained that the consumer starts with the motor and then picks one (or more) of the shapes. Once the motor is inserted, the Ooh button is held down for two seconds and is then ready to use.

Consumers can choose from the Pick ‘n’ Mix range, or try the all-inclusive Pleasure Kits. The collection consists of the large motor and three shapes: vibrating pebble, classic vibrator, and vibrating cock ring.

In addition, there are three different, all-inclusive Pleasure Kits, named after world cities. “London love-in,” that includes a motor, and the vibrating pebble and vibrating cock ring, “What happens in Vegas,” that comes with a large motor and classic vibrator and vibrating cock ring shapes, and “Her name is Rio,” that consists of the large motor, and the vibrating pebble and classic vibrator.

For more product information click here, or email Wieffering at

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pjur Supports Mauve Flower Foundation in Hungary

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group announced its support for the Mauve Flower Foundation for Cervical Cancer awareness in Hungary.

The company said it takes in part in the sport festival that attracts nearly 10,000 people.

Mauve Flower handed out pjur med Premium and pjur med Sensitive Samples, Flyer, and a small book about cervical cancer to the interested visitors, who had to solve a task around the topic cancer prevention.

“After cervical cancer therapy, during menopause, or if they suffer from vaginism, women really need pjur med lubricants,” Mauve Flower’s Icó Tóth said.

Pjur said almost 700 women visited the booth.

“It was a busy day but full of high emotions. We met a lots of affected women and others, who were healthy and all of them were very open and wondering of Mauve Flower and things around us. It was a good day for everyone, and these times we know why we do this: because we want to save women from cervical cancer and make them aware of prevention. We met fantastic mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends. This event is a great opportunity to get to know all these people. Next year we will definitely participate again,” Tóth added.

Pjur med and a retailer in Hungary also arranged that for every pjur Med bottle, a donation is given to the Foundation. The cooperation was initiated with the help of Hungarian wholesaler and pjur customer Debra-Net Ltd.

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The Screaming O Expands With Compact Vibe

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has expanded into the hand-held massager market with the OVibe, a new compact vibrator.

The company said the product pays homage to the sex toy pioneers of the past by featuring a powerful motor strategically positioned at the base of its silicone head, packing strength into a lightweight, cordless and portable design priced to sell.

OVibe’s curved handle provides a comfortable grip while making it easy to quickly toggle between two vibration speeds — a deep low-pitch rumble and a stimulating buzz. Its hygienic 100 percent silicone contact point boasts a signature cone-like shape that surrounds sensitive areas with optimal surface area, and at its center sits a solid silicone nub that targets stimulation with precision.

Designed for for clitoral stimulation while solo or with a partner, the OVibe pinpoints vibration.

“The OVibe’s familiar shape makes it fun to reminisce about the old-school massagers of yesteryear while enjoying the perks of modern-day sex toy design,” account executive Conde Aumann said.

She added, “It’s large enough to house a powerful dual-speed motor inside a comfortable handle but light-weight enough to make it a perfect travel companion. Plus its incredible $19.95 MSRP makes it a no-brainer buy for new and seasoned sex toy shoppers.”

The OVibe is made of water-resistant ABS plastic with a 100 percent solid silicone head, two materials the company noted have been independently lab tested for purity, quality and body-safety.

To order the product, email Aumann at

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Honey’s Place Offering XR Brands’ Prostatic Play Collection

LOS ANGELES — Honey’s Place has announced its release of the entire XR Brands’ Master Series Prostatic Play collection.

Designed for men by men, the Prostatic Play is a collection of prostate massagers and stimulators created especially for more advanced users. The Prostatic Play line features more ergonomic curves, powerful erection enhancement, and 100 percent body-safe materials.

According to Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing Kyle Tutino, customers will love the affordable price points and the product selection that will make it easier for shoppers to find the right p-spot tool that is right for them.

“With September being the month to promote prostate awareness we are so excited to get in the Master Series Prostatic Play from XR Brands,” Tutino explains. “It is great to see more products that promote both pleasure and sexual health.”

“We’re proud to launch the Master Series’ Prostatic Play with Honey’s Place,” said XR Brands’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Weinberg. “Master Series’ Prostatic Play consists of beautifully designed prostate stimulators made from high quality materials and electronics, with whisper quiet motors, ultra powerful and silky smooth silicone displayed throughout the line.”

“The packaging includes a sleek teal foil backdrop that pops the items out on the retailers’ shelves, and sales so far have shown that this new look/line is a [home run] with consumers.” Weinberg added. “Prostatic Play was created for a man who is ready for the next level or prostate play. These new designs are popular shapes will give a more intense prostate experience.”

For more information, email or call (800) 910-3246.

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Xgen Products Revamps Secrets Vibrating Panties

HORSHAM, Pa. — Xgen Products has announced that all of the eight units in the Secrets vibrating panties range are now remote-controlled.

Featuring a five-function body-hugging insert delivering external stimulation, Secrets sensual apparel is outfitted with a wireless remote control across the line.

“The Secrets line of vibrating panties had featured three units that were remote controlled to add a thrilling element to the sensual apparel experience; now, all of them have the same wireless capability,” Xgen President Andy Green said. “The remote control adds an extra component of excitement to the line, allowing another person to enjoy the experience.”

The new Secrets line of remote controlled vibrating panties made its tradeshow debut two weeks ago at the Fall International Lingerie Show (ILS). The company says it received great response from attendees, who stocked up for the season with orders for the new items.

Green continues, “The wireless remote is now a permanent function of the Secrets vibrating panties line, as is the powerful, top-quality, construction of the mechanical inserts, a cross between a bullet and a lay-on. Not to mention, the beauty of the garments themselves!”

Secrets Vibrating Panties are manufactured and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Xgen Products. To order, email, call (877)-450-9436, or visit

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Lovers’ Dream Couples Toy Now Available

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — Blue Dreams Global Inc. has announced that the Lovers’ Dream couples pleasure product is now available for sale and will make its debut at Erofame in Hanover on Oct. 7-9.

The new, rechargeable, couples’ product, designed to result in simultaneous orgasm for both partners, has undergone some final revisions including the addition of USB charging, a silky smooth silicone finish and is now available in three colors, the company says.

“The Lovers’ Dream key features are the deep low rumble of three vibrating motors, the concave recess on the elongated underside and the clitoral stimulator that ‘stays in position,’” the company said.

The product is patented in 37 countries and has an MSRP of $179.95.

The Lovers’ Dream is the first product from BDGI founder and designer Lawrence Mark who will be on hand at the Erofame, booth 203, showing the product and meeting distributors.

According to Mark, he decided to design the Lovers’ Dream following “an experience” in 2001 while in bed with his then-girlfriend.

“This experience led me to invent the first prototype of the Lovers’ Dream,” he says in his bio. “That was the beginning of many years of challenges, accomplishments and ongoing improvements to create the perfect product, which simultaneously enhances and heightens the love making experience for couples at the same time.”

Contact to set an appointment.

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Xgen to Release New Bodywand Styles

HORSHAM, Penn. — Xgen Products debuted new Bodywand items, and other products for the holiday season, at the recent International Lingerie Show.

“At this edition of the Fall ILS, we had the opportunity to help attendees prepare for Halloween and the winter holidays, the busiest time of year for category sales,” says Xgen President Andy Green. “The latest items from Lapdance lingerie and shoes and the remote controlled Secrets vibrating panties line were of great interest, as were staple bestsellers like Pleasure Wigs.”

Xgen Products also showcased new Bodywand items shipping and available in the coming weeks, including the Bodywand 5-Piece Bathtime Gift Set and the Midnight Bed Spreader Set.

Green continues, “The 5-Piece Bathtime Gift Set includes the Bodywand Aqua, a bullet vibrator that can be used with a rubber duck toy and loofah scrub, also included; the Midnight Bed Spreader Set is comprised of the Midnight Bodywand, a blindfold, and cuffs. This is the first time Bodywand is offering kits — perfect items for the upcoming gift-giving holidays.”

Call an Xgen representative for more information about the new Bodywand 360 and pleasure kits. Xgen also offers Bodywand Minis, Original Plug In, and additional units and accessories from the Bodywand line.

Bodwand is manufactured and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Xgen Products. To order, email , call (877)-450-9436, or visit

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Williams Trading University Adds 2 Pipedream Courses

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading has announced the addition of two new online — All About iSex and The Fantasy Extensions.

iSex is a new line of USB-powered vibrators while Fantasy X-tensions are intended for men with erectile dysfunction and midway performance problems.

Adult retailers and their sales associates can learn about the features and benefits of the two new product lines through Williams Trading University’s new e-learning course.

WTU is a free e-learning program available exclusively to existing and new Williams Trading Co. accounts. Online courses are available 24 hours/seven days per week accessed with a simple login account. Each course offers product benefits and features as well as a seminar that explains its importance to a customer, their needs and well-being. According to the company, more than 17,000 course certifications have been completed across the domestic U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Upon completing a course, the user takes a quiz certifying their newfound knowledge and is rewarded with a downloadable certificate.  Free premiums, samples and special offers are offered by select participating vendors.

“We are thrilled to expand Pipedream’s retail education offering on WTU,” said Scott D., director of sales and marketing. “Our customers have consistently reported a lift in sales on the retail floor without a percentage off or gift with purchase. Retail education is the way to go!”

In addition to Pipedream’s free e-learning programs, Williams Trading say it is also offering the full line at 30 percent off during the Williams Trading Labor Day month long sale.

Customers can login to WTUlearn.comto access the free online education program exclusive to Williams’s customers. For product ordering and shipping information, contact a Williams Trading sales representative at (800) 423-8587 or visit

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