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Helix Toys Opens Distro Center

ZEBULON, N.C. — Helix Toys has opened a full-service national distribution center.

Located in Zebulon, N.C., the warehouse currently stocks brands such as Blush Novelties, Shots America and more. All products ship direct from the warehouse to stores within two to four business days, standard with initial 15-day terms.

According to the company, its inventory is growing daily, and its trained employees have the knowledge to help buyers and associates sell, merchandise, and profit.

“We are proud to introduce Helix Toys to customers,” Helix Toys CEO Ronnie Coutu said. “Being in the adult novelty business prior to creating this company has given myself and my partner a unique ability to pinpoint what other distribution centers have been missing. We look forward to providing that one-on-one contact, training and quality with all of our new customers.”

Helix Toys will offer online ordering with a website that features “a crisp homepage, brand and category viewing tabs, and a static cart.” All first-time customers will receive free shipping on their first orders, invoice and tracking upon ordering, and training and promo items if requested.

A Helix Toys customer in Kentucky said, “Ronnie and Ashley have a great business. Products were ordered on Wednesday and delivered to my door by Friday; packaged perfectly with tracking sent less than two hours after I ordered. I look forward to continued business with this company.”

For more information, call Ronnie Coutu and Ashley Lambert at (844) 867-6664 or email

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Williams Trading Offers ‘Womanizer Classic’

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Leading adult toy distributor Williams Trading Co. has announced that the Womanizer Classic series has reduced its pricing. Effective immediately, the new minimized advertising price (MAP) for the Womanizer Delight W100 is $159, with a new reduced wholesale price.

Erin Viereck, marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co., said, “Often imitated but never duplicated, The Womanizer is a game changer in the adult novelty industry. Williams Trading takes its partnership with Womanizer seriously and supports the brand’s MAP integrity and fully appreciates the price reduction being offered to our customers.”

Williams Trading Co. supports The Womanizer with free counter displays and a tester program for every six units purchased.

Currently, a Womanizer e-learning course is being developed by Williams Trading University (WTU) to train all adult retailers on The Womanizer’s technology and features.

“The Womanizer is now offered in the live data feed on WTU StoreBuilder, the newest edition of WTU,” said Scott Dantis, director of sales and marketing for Williams Trading Co. “WTU Store Builder is an online e-commerce portal that benefits the brick-and-mortar adult retailer in a multitude of ways. Instantly, their hours of operation expand to 24/7 at no additional cost for staff and store. Store inventory increases to over 19,000 SKUs as WTU Store Builder accesses Williams Trading’s live inventory data feed. Set up, brand development and website hosting are free.”

For more information on Williams Trading Co., follow them on Twitter.

For more information on The Womanizer, follow them on Twitter.

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Impulse Novelties Reports Successful Eldorado ‘Elevation’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Impulse Novelties, the home of The Closet Collection and Black Door, is calling last week’s Eldorado Warehouse Show, dubbed “Elevation,” a success.

Impulse Novelties sales team members Kim Airs and Sara Hentcy introduced retailers to the latest toys in the Closet Collection and Black Door lines.

“Many of them got a sneak peek at the new bendable and rechargeable toys that we’ll be releasing in July at ANME,” Hentcy said. “They couldn’t believe the practical shapes and the quality of the toys and placed many pre-orders with Eldorado in anticipation of their arrival.”

Airs added, “During their training, the experienced sales staff at Eldorado all shared how much they love the new designs and are looking forward to promoting them to their customers.”

The company introduced attendees to the new Manola bendable vibrator, which is now available through Eldorado.

“The store owners all know this will be an incredibly popular toy given its versatility and flexibility and the numbers they ordered certainly proves this,” Hentcy said. “Our sales area was busy the whole time.”

“With the added time with customers at the lunches and dinners and capped off by a fun night of bowling, making connections with our all-important customers was well worth the time,” Airs said. “We can’t wait to be part of another event sponsored by Eldorado!”

Impulse Novelties is an extension of the Heatwave DVD line. Since 2013, Impulse Novelties has been creating fashion-forward pleasure products focusing on the female and body-conscious male markets. Impulse Novelties is based in Chatsworth and can be reached by emailing or by visiting

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Dallas Novelty Offers New Line of LELO Products

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty is offering the latest line of LELO products, including the 24K gold Tiani, the Loki Wave Dual Stimulating Male Prostrate Massager, the NEA 2 and the LILY 2. All are available at a discount price from Dallas Novelty.

Nick Mahler, director of Dallas Novelty, said, “We are very excited to announce the release of the popular couples vibe, Tiani, now in a luxurious 24K gold-plated version. And to celebrate, we are offering it for a very limited time at a super low price. Another new item that guys will love is the new improved version of the P-Spot Massager Loki with the Loki Wave. The new Loki Wave now offers ten powerful, prostate-milking vibration functions plus a new perineum massager with its own rumbling motor to hit this ultra-sensitive spot for your best orgasm.”

Mahler was recently a featured guest on the medical podcast “Weird Medicine with Doctor Steve.” To listen to the interview, visit this link.

For more information on Dallas Novelty, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

For more information on LELO, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

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Jimmyjane Previews Live Sexy Ascend Vibrators at XBIZ Retreat

SAN FRANCISCO — Jimmyjane gave buyers a special preview of its newest introduction to the Live Sexy line, showing four new Ascend vibrators at the XBIZ Retreat in Miami last month.

The new Ascend products fall into the mid-tier range, yet offer advanced designs and functionality that fall somewhere between the brand’s Intro and Form products, the company says. The new Ascend vibes will officially be released in July.

“The whole idea is to create a more robust and diverse product offering for new audiences, while maintaining a sense of continuity from design language and ethos of Jimmyjane’s flagship Form line,” said Robert Rheaume, president of Jimmyjane. “The new Ascend Line is intuitive yet modern in their designs. We believe there are customers looking for different levels of price and functionality and we want to offer quality options for everyone.”

The new Ascend range features four new products that will be part of the Live Sexy line. The Ascend 1, Ascend 2, Ascend 4 And Ascend 7 were each designed to serve a unique purpose with a clitoral stimulator, a dual clitoral vibrator, an internal vibrator with two usable ends, and a flexible double-ended vibrator that offerns an array of uses with its customizable shape. The vibrators are all rechargeable, made with body-safe, phthalate-free silicone and multi-functional.

The new Live Sexy Ascend Products will debut at ANME in July. Customers who are interested in purchasing the line or setting up an appointment to review the items at the show can contact their sales rep or send an email to

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Sir Richard’s Offers Special Preview of New Brand Direction at XBIZ Retreat

SAN FRANCISCO — At last month’s XBIZ Retreat in Miami, Sir Richard’s gave industry buyers a special preview of the new direction of the company, which includes an expansion into a complete line of premium, “below the belt” products for men.

Sir Richard’s has garnered a strong brand following within the industry, and the company says retailers and buyers were ecstatic to see the new line extension products.

“At this event we were blown away by retailers’ excitement and the amazing response to our new Sir Richard’s introductions,” said Robert Rheaume, president of Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s. “The team put a lot of thought and work into creating unique products within this space and we are already seeing retailers anxious to get their hands on the new items.”

The new products build upon the company’s modern, premium approach to men’s sexual health products. The complete line is presented in colorful, modern packaging with wit, humor and personality. The new lines include three new ELEMENT toys, which are advanced pleasure products for men and the KINK line of restraints and S&M accessories. Also being introduced is the new Slick Dick’s line of consumables with products like Sugar Crotch Flavored Wipes, Numb Bum Anal Desensitizing Wipes, and Better Than Spit lubricant.

The complete line will debut at the ANME show in July. For more on Sir Richard’s Condom Company, visit

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XBIZ Retreat Hosts Largest Gathering to Date

MIAMI — Last week XBIZ Retreat in Miami hosted its largest gathering of vendors and buyers to date during three days of back-to-back meetings and special events.

Now in its fourth year, the latest edition of the Miami XBIZ Retreat, held at the Grand Beach Hotel, was once again declared a resounding success by event organizers as well as participating vendors and buyers.

Returning participants praised how the XBIZ Retreat has evolved and grown.

“Having attended every XBIZ event that XBIZ has ever held, including every Retreat, I have to say XBIZ outdid themselves,” Castle Megastore CEO Mark Franks said. “This XBIZ Retreat had the most qualified vendors that I’ve seen at an event within the last 10 years. There were a lot of fresh faces. The XBIZ Retreat was a great event that has set the standard for industry events.”

“This is the show that we’ve done consistently since launching in the U.S.,” Exsens’ Krystal Medeiros said. “It seems like every year the show just gets bigger and bigger. The fact that it’s increasingly attracting more buyers shows what a good event it is. I attribute a lot of our success to XBIZ.”

“It’s always a great event,” Devil’s Films Steve Volponi said. “I’m seeing buyers that I’d typically see at other events are here now. It’s a great turnout of fresh faces.”

In addition to the luxurious venue, coordinated private meetings and upscale dining and evening festivities, the XBIZ Retreat for the first time featured sponsored events, including a Marlins baseball game, which kicked off the exclusive B2B event.

Adam & Eve, Devil’s Films and Exquisite Multimedia joined forces to provide XBIZ Retreat attendees with a VIP experience at the Miami Marlins versus Tampa Bay Rays baseball game last Monday night. With several rows at field level reserved for the XBIZ Retreat group, participants enjoyed the game with all-you-can-eat food, beer and wine.

“The XBIZ Retreat was fantastic,” East Coast News Executive Vice President Brian Herbstman said. “The accommodations were great, the meetings went very well and the entertainment was top notch. Although I attended 34 meetings in two days, I still felt like I was on vacation!”

Herbstman celebrated his birthday alongside industry friends and colleagues at the XBIZ Retreat. During a dinner inside the swanky Michael Mina 74 restaurant at the Fountainebleau Miami Beach hotel, balloons and streamers decorated his table, and a cake was presented to him as the entire group sang to him.

During the dinner, XBIZ President and Publisher Alec Helmy and Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez thanked the participants, crediting the vendors and buyers for the XBIZ Retreat’s consistent growth. XBIZ Retreat attendees were then invited to a late-night suite party at the Grand Beach Hotel, sponsored by Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s Condoms.

Attended by the majority of the 150-plus participants of the XBIZ Retreat, the suite was quickly filled and spilling onto the balcony before carrying on into other areas of the hotel.

Another evening of the XBIZ Retreat took participants to the exclusive Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, which offered spectacular sunset views of the ocean and the city while participants dined and enjoyed the open bar.

“It’s an amazing show,” XR Brands’ Lynda Mort said. “It’s like we multiply our business with our one-on-one meetings and then spending the evening together. Rebecca [Weinberg] and I split up at the evening events and do double the business. It’s a great opportunity to bond and reconnect.”

“We love the relaxed atmosphere of this show,” Pound International’s Dana Puerto said. “It’s a great opportunity to say thank you to our customers. This is truly the only way to do a show. We get so much accomplished here.”

On the final night of the XBIZ Retreat, participants were treated to a three-hour yacht cruise that featured dinner, drinks and dancing, along with dazzling views of Miami. The birthday festivities continued on the boat with a cake for Pipedream Products’ Chris Armstrong, who said he enjoyed celebrating his birthday with his industry family.

“The XBIZ Retreat is a great opportunity to connect with customers,” Armstrong said. “The intimate setting and one-on-one meetings allow you to really make a connection compared to other trade shows.”

The XBIZ Retreat wrapped Friday morning with a farewell breakfast, however the business and memories created at the event remain.

“The XBIZ Retreat and the ‘speed dating’ format with 30 minute meetings was an excellent way to become informed, educated and sold on new and interesting adult products from both new and existing vendors,” Craton Entertainment’s Chaz Craton said. “The one-on-one quality time with the vendors presented an excellent opportunity to focus on business without distraction and the 30-minute time frame created a sense of urgency that got us right to the point without boring presentations. And the vendors who participated came well prepared.

“The accommodations at the Grand Beach Hotel were excellent as was the food and the overall atmosphere. The social networking and meeting new people in the industry — both fellow retailers and vendors — was invaluable. In one short meeting with a retailer, I got a new billboard design for my store that I would not have thought of without that interaction. Thanks to Sara and Ariana and all the XBIZ staff for putting on a wonderful show!”

“I think this event offers an excellent opportunity to cultivate relationships,” Fleshlight’s Amanda Purcell said. “Everyone is so nice!”

Dame Products’ Alex Fine said, “This event is great. I’m new to the space so to be able to meet so many people is very valuable to me.”

“I love this event,” Paradise Marketing’s Michelle Liss said. “The one-on-one meetings allow me to get more done with no interruptions. It’s a great opportunity to have honest conversations with people.”

“This show had perfect timing for us to come promote all of our new stuff,” Pulse Distribution’s Joshua St. John said. “We have a lot of over-the-phone contact but face time is priceless. We’re the biggest, baddest distributor and we plan to keep going.”

“This is my first XBIZ Retreat to sit in one-on-one meetings and as a channel manager my job is to connect with our dealers,” Crave’s Jack Morocco said. “This atmosphere allows you to create personal relationships. The face time really makes them more human.”

Pulse Distribution’s Rob Plarski said that the XBIZ Retreat offers “the efficiency of getting to see our customers and companies from all over the country while meeting new customers.”

“All of my meetings were really productive,” Kama Sutra’s Paul Reutershan said. “We’re meeting with people that I didn’t get to meet with in January. Also, being in Miami, it’s also great that the event was held practically in my backyard.”

“This event was one of the most efficient, productive and well-organized to date,” Kaytel Media President Alain Elmaleh said. “First-class organization all the way! I will definitely attend the next ones, we would recommend to anyone who is still hesitant to participate, as a buyer as much as a vendor!”

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Entrenue Now Shipping b-Vibe’s Rimming Plug

PHOENIX — Boutique distributor Entrenue is now shipping the first products from new brand b-Vibe, including the innovative Rimming Plug featuring elements designed to mimic the feeling of receiving analingus.

Following a successful debut during the recent trade show circuit, b-Vibe, helmed by industry veteran Alicia Sinclair, has already received praise from retailers for its thoughtful takes on classic sex toys.

The Rimming Plug has received the most buzz thanks to its unique shaft, which houses a series of rotating beads and is operated by a clever remote control.

It features a girthy shape and multiple functions that stimulate the anal opening — an erogenous zone rich with sensitive nerve endings — and a second vibrating motor in its tip ideal for prostate or anal pleasure.

The first luxe toy with analingus as its motivation, the Rimming Plug is rechargeable, made of body-safe silicone, and comes with a handy zippered carrying case. It is available in turquoise and black.

Available soon will be the Trio, b-Vibe’s next remote-controlled anal plug. Featuring a more streamlined shape — narrower and beginner-friendly — the Trio will be available in purple and black.

“b-Vibe is a fun new company with fresh ideas and a creative take on pleasure, which makes it a great fit for us,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said.

“The Rimming Plug is exciting, as there’s never been a remote-controlled plug with this kind of rotation function, and we love the idea of remote-control anal plugs for various experience levels. We look forward to seeing what else b-Vibe has to offer this year.”

Point-of-sale materials are available with a minimum purchase and include a slat-wall shelf, signage and shelf talkers, and easel signs. An acrylic display with a shelf talker will be available soon.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email or visit

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We-Vibe Dreamy Desire Collection Is Introduced

OTTAWA — We-Vibe has introduced the We-Vibe Dreamy DesireCollection.

This latest gift collection includes a limited edition We-Vibe 4 Plus in coral, paired with a midnight blue Touch by We-Vibe and a bonus gift of our premium water-based lubricant.

The We-Vibe Dreamy Desire Collection is available in North America to authorized distributors for pick-up beginning June 6. The MSRP is $229 USD/$249 CAD.

“Our limited edition collections have been extremely popular with customers,” said Stephanie Keating, We-Vibe’s marketing manager. “Time and again, we’ve seen demand exceed our expectations. The Dreamy Desire Collection highlights Touch by We-Vibe, making it available in a new color for the first time, and introduces a We-Vibe 4 Plus in a fresh, trendsetting coral.”

The limited edition We-Vibe 4 Plus includes a wireless remote control and a USB-powered charging base.  It has 10 vibration modes and the ability to create custom vibration playlists. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is waterproof and ready to pair with the free We-Connect smartphone app for more features.

Silky soft, yet firmly powerful, Touch by We-Vibe is the ultimate clitoral vibe. For this limited edition collection, Touch comes in midnight blue.

The rounded tip of Touch targets external pleasure points and the gentle contours hug and stimulate erogenous zones all over the body. Waterproof and body safe, Touch recharges in 90 minutes and the low-power alert lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

The Dreamy Desire Collection includes a bonus 30-ml/1.02-fl. oz. gift of our premium water-based lubricant. Specially formulated for use with We-Vibe products, We-Vibe Lube, made by pjur, provides additional moisture and long-lasting lubrication.

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Doc Johnson to Sponsor ‘Sticky: A (Self) Love Story’ Tour

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Doc Johnson has signed on to sponsor a nationwide screening tour of director Nicholas Tana’s documentary, “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story.”

The film aims to tackle the stigma surrounding the topic of masturbation and Doc Johnson reports “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” has received “rave reviews” from publications like Newsweek, Salon, The Daily Beast and The Boston Globe.

“This partnership is a natural fit for both of us,” said Chad Braverman, chief creative officer and COO of Doc Johnson. “Sticky’s focus on opening the lines of communication about a fundamental aspect of human sexuality is right in line with Doc Johnson’s mission.

“Doc Johnson has been an early supporter of the film — we hosted the director, Nicholas Tana, on our radio show several months back — and we will continue to support the film as it gains even more traction through this national tour,” he added.

The “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story” tour will include screening events, Q&As, surprise guests and gift bags featuring an assortment of Doc Johnson pleasure products.

To view upcoming tour dates, click here.

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